VK9GMW Mellish Reef DXpedition


There have been two QSOs between Charles Simonyi (HA5SIK & KE7KDP) aboard the International Space Station (NA1SS) and the VK9GMW DXpedition team on Mellish Reef.

On the first occassion, Craig ZL2CWA was able to receive and record NA1SS in New Zealand. As it was a low elevation pass from his QTH, he only has recorded a part of the QSO. The contact was bilingual: English and Hungarian, and does only have Charles' part.


For those, who cannot understand Hungarian, we provide a rough translation/transcript:

- This is NA1SS and we are trying to reach VK9GMW.
- Oh, VK9GMW, this is NA1SS. My name is Charles. And we are just ..... Who is the operator? This is Charles.
- That's great. Is Tomi around?
- This is really great, and I am also very glad. (Commander, please make a picture of us... Oh, it's a video, fantastic!) So I am very happy that we can meet this way. It is utterly interesting. I have seen the pictures, Krisztian Hildebrand sent me pictures of the island, it is amazing. How big is it, approximately?
- Fantastic! It is amazing what you are doing there, I am not an expert in this field, but I am very glad that you could even contact the space station from there. I do not know what I need to do to make it official...?
- Oh. Let me look down and see what is there. ... I do not see anything but we are looking.

The recording of ZL2CWA ends here, but we know the QSO was continued and they agreed to talk again on a later pass, which was accomplished two days later.

If you have a recording of either QSO, please send a copy to us.

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